Anything Tubular, Critical Bastards
Anything Tubular
Critical Bastards
Keyframe, Colin Martin
Colin Martin
Visual Arts Workers Forum, Project Arts Centre
Visual Arts Workers Forum
Project Arts Centre
Before the Close of Day, Brendan Earley
Before the Close of Day
Brendan Earley
Shapeshifting, Askeaton Contemporary Arts
Askeaton Contemporary Arts
Co-location, Fiona Marron
Fiona Marron
E · gress, Marie Brett & Kevin O’Shanahan
E · gress
Marie Brett & Kevin O’Shanahan
Workhouse Assembly, Callan, Co. Kilkenny
Workhouse Assembly
Callan, Co. Kilkenny
The Red Stables Summer School: July 2013, Dublin City Council
The Red Stables Summer School: July 2013
Dublin City Council
Frame, Fold, Fracture, Philomene Pirecki
Frame, Fold, Fracture
Philomene Pirecki
Landing Place, Commonage
Landing Place
Visual Arts Workers Forum, The Visual Artists’ News Sheet
Visual Arts Workers Forum
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet
A Brief History of Killruddery’s Formal Gardens, Killruddery Arts
A Brief History of Killruddery’s Formal Gardens
Killruddery Arts
At the Level of Entity, The LAB
At the Level of Entity
The Sovereigns, Ffrench/Harte
The Sovereigns
The Red Stables Summer School: Jun – Aug 2012, Dublin City Council
The Red Stables Summer School: Jun – Aug 2012
Dublin City Council
Day Wears, Aleana Egan
Day Wears
Aleana Egan
Plastic Art, Barbara Knežević
Plastic Art
Barbara Knežević
Adorned Documents, Jane Fogarty & David Lunney
Adorned Documents
Jane Fogarty & David Lunney
Great Good Places, Ailbhe Ní Bhriain
Great Good Places
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain
Rite of Spring, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor
Rite of Spring
Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor
Writer-in-Residence, Ormston House
Ormston House
Conjuring for Beginners, Project Arts Centre
Conjuring for Beginners
Project Arts Centre
Dig Where You Stand, South Tipperary County Museum
Dig Where You Stand
South Tipperary County Museum
Inductive Prob­ability, Paul Gregg
Inductive Prob­ability
Paul Gregg
Exit Limerick, Static Gallery
Exit Limerick
Static Gallery
The Last of the Red Wine (the prequel/sequel), Project Arts Centre
The Last of the Red Wine (the prequel/sequel)
Project Arts Centre
Four is to Three, Michael Higgins
Four is to Three
Michael Higgins
Undertow, Ormston House
Ormston House
Why Look?, Samuel Stevens
Why Look?
Samuel Stevens
Eilish Tuite, Generation for Export
Eilish Tuite
Generation for Export
Notes on the Missing Oh, Adrià Julià
Notes on the Missing Oh
Adrià Julià
The Horse’s Mouths, Helen Horgan
The Horse’s Mouths
Helen Horgan
A&E, Black Church Print Studio
Black Church Print Studio
Beyond Guilt Trilogy, Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir
Beyond Guilt Trilogy
Ruti Sela & Maayan Amir
Limbo Excavated, Adam Gibney
Limbo Excavated
Adam Gibney
Biosphere, Méadhbh O’Connor
Méadhbh O’Connor
Public Gesture, The LAB
Public Gesture
The Wheel, Seán O’Sullivan
The Wheel
Seán O’Sullivan
Super­Kaleidoscope, Sofie Loscher
Sofie Loscher
The Coral Reef, Mike Nelson
The Coral Reef
Mike Nelson
Lithos, Black Church Print Studio
Black Church Print Studio
Scalar, Ormond Studios
Ormond Studios
PCP, The Visual Artists’ News Sheet
The Visual Artists’ News Sheet